Music Production


66 Hours

This course gives students a broad review of the history of music. Students explore time periods and creative development, as well as genres they might come across in studio sessions, such as avant-garde, mainstream, world, and popular music.

In the Music Theory module of this course, students are taken through the world of written music with a clear, concise style that will help them with their music writing skills and interaction with other musicians. The course includes an introduction into how music is constructed, including scales, chords, pitch, harmonic content, and rhythm. This course also provides introductory practice in ear training and how to count different meters.


40 Hours

Songwriting and Composition explores the art of writing songs in the tradition of contemporary American popular music. It takes an in-depth look at music and lyric writing and explores the form, structure and components of the modern song. Students will gain an appreciation of how a song’s structure can make it more effective in conveying emotion. Students will be taught how audio engineers use form and structure (lyrical, melodic and section arrangement) to more effectively interact with songwriters and performers in the studio. During the course each participant will work in groups and individually to compose and present an original song.


40 Hours

Production and Arranging exposes students to arranging and production techniques used in various musical genres and gives them the opportunity to apply these techniques to their own musical projects. In addition to the role of producer, the course explores the roles of the record company, engineer, writer and performer. Students will gain an understanding of pre-production and the technical aspects related to music performance, as well as common production terms, an awareness of stylistic nuances, and appropriate sounds based on style. Students will be paired with an artist with whom they will apply all the learned techniques to produce a recording. For this project, students will be also required to implement workflow planning, budgeting, and project delivery.