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The mission of The Recording Arts Foundation is to provide access to audio and music production services and education to non-profit organizations and the local arts community.

Monumental Impact isn’t only for a few. We believe that the future of a creative economy can touch thousands who may not have otherwise had the opportunity.




There is a wide disparity in access to education in schools relating to digital music production. While most schools offer a basic music performance program, few can access the resources to offer digital music production and technology classes. This study area provides an opportunity for many students who may not play an instrument but are interested in how music is made and produced, facilitating collaboration and inclusiveness.

Non-profit Organizations rely on multi-media production to build and maintain a credible presence, reach broader audiences, and support their mission. Many NPOs outsource these services at considerable cost or produce underwhelming results with low budgets, as their charitable dollars are needed elsewhere.



Access to education remains a challenge for under-represented individuals. Many cannot afford some or all of the costs associated with music education, including tuition fees, computers, books, and software. The result is that deserving, talented people miss out on opportunities to participate.



Helping emerging artists is critical if San Diego is to continue to thrive as a creative community.

The music industry has fundamentally changed in the last ten years. Local emerging artists have to compete with millions of creatives through music streaming services, video platforms, and other social media. It’s virtually impossible to get noticed without access to the production resources they need. Without these assets, local artists struggle to build their online following, secure local live performances, and monetize their art. As a result, the entire music ecosystem suffers at a local level.






Using our incredible depth of resources, we can provide schools and community organizations with music production education through our existing programs, youth outreach initiatives, and access to our facilities. Our ability to offer these opportunities at two different San Diego locations and visit schools with fully outfitted mobile solutions will further enhance our outreach.



We aim to offer scholarships for our education programs to under-represented individuals. We can also provide supplemental financial assistance to veterans for out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered by their benefits.

Since 2011, The Recording Arts Center has funded over 40 low-cost student loans at interest rates competitive with federal financial aid programs. We have also granted supplemental scholarships to 50 veterans to cover the difference between the benefits each veteran is eligible for and the total cost of tuition.



We already have the infrastructure in place to immediately impact emerging artists. By providing professional audio and video production services in our state-of-the-art facilities, we can help them create the assets they need to be successful while providing meaningful experiences and nurturing their skills and talents.

Voices of Our City Choir is a homeless choir based in San Diego whose mission is to “help San Diego’s unsheltered neighbors reconnect with hope and possibility through the healing power of music.” The choir provides a creative outlet, a sense of community, educational opportunities and facilities, and access to essential support networks for San Diego’s vulnerable unsheltered community.

After advancing to the quarter-finals of NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent” in early 2020, Voices of Our City needed a location and team to facilitate audio and video recordings of each choir member separately under strict social distancing measures. Studio West stepped up to the plate to film two performances that aired on “America’s Got Talent.”

Since the original NBC productions, Voices of Our City and Studio West have continued collaborating— helping to advance the choir’s inspiring mission while further connecting Studio West with San Diego’s diverse creative community. The team at Studio West has worked with the choir on three music videos, including the choir’s original song “Sounds of the Sidewalk” and the song “Glory,” which was released in celebration of Black History Month.

In the winter of 2020, Studio West hosted the choir’s annual fundraising event as a live stream in Studio A. In 2021, we provided livestream video and audio support when the event returned to a live format. Studio West also helped the choir build its own in-house production facility, providing hands-on training to its members and staff in audio and media production technology.

Pictured: The Voices of Our City Choir, led by CEO, Creative Director, and long-time local performing artist Steph Johnson (front/center).

Atelier Musical des Trois Tambours (The 3 Drums) is a Foundation based in Paris, France. Created by professional, classically trained musicians Louise and Patrick Marty, the Foundation brings children and young adults from diverse backgrounds to promote music as a catalyst for integration.

In May 2023, Studio West hosted students from the Foundation as part of an international music educational exchange program.

Eleven students and staff were immersed in the local San Diego music education and performance environment, including a live performance at Cathedral Catholic High School, recording sessions at Studio West, and a Masterclass with the San Diego Youth Symphony. Studio West accommodated the traveling party for their week-long stay in San Diego.

A similar reverse visit is planned in 2024, with music students from San Diego traveling to France to participate in performances, classes, and activities organized by the Foundation and to experience the diverse cultural richness of Paris. 

Pictured: Students from 3 Tambours at Studio West in May 2023, pictured with top local San Diego artist Gregory Page and platinum recording artist Jason Mraz.  

The demand for quality audio and video content has never been higher for emerging artists. In today’s marketplace, these assets must stand out from the crowd and be noticed.
Unfortunately, many of the most talented, inspired, and deserving artists don’t have the means to produce such content, whether at a professional facility or through their resources.

We’ve been helping to solve this problem by providing access to our world-class Studio A for Singer-Songwriter Production nights.

These monthly events invite up-and-coming musical artists to work with student audio engineers from TRAC’s diploma program to produce high-quality content for artists while providing student engineers with a wealth of invaluable real-world experience in the studio.

Singer-Songwriter Production nights exemplify how The Recording Arts Center at Studio West leverages decades of expertise and experience in education and professional music production to benefit San Diego’s thriving creative communities.

Pictured: A recent March 2023 Singer-Songwriter Production night demonstrating an audio and video recording session for a local San Diego artist.


The Recording Arts Foundation has a Model C Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with Mission Edge, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Mission Edge acts as an umbrella organization over The Recording Arts Foundation, ensuring all operational, personnel, and financial activities are done in accordance to all legal standards created to govern the operations of 501(c)(3) organizations.

It is Mission Edge’s legal obligation to retain discretion over the use of such funds to accomplish the charitable purposes of The Recording Arts Foundation.

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