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No music project is complete without mixing and mastering, and at Satellite, our team of engineers has decades of experience. With thousands of completed projects and a true passion for music, Jeff Berkley (mixing/producer) and Robbie Robinson (mastering) are your team to take your project over the finish line.


You’ve created a song comprising multiple instrumental and vocal tracks. A mix engineer’s job is to balance those tracks into a cohesive sound rather than a random, unbalanced mix of parts. This is a highly skilled job. Mix engineers draw upon their experience and the many tools at their disposal to strike the right balance and deliver an artist’s vision.

Jeff Berkley has a special passion for mixing, with years of experience to back it up.

An in-demand producer, engineer, performer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Jeff has credits on over 300 albums.

On top of performing with his own award-winning bands, Jeff has played with countless musical luminaries including Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Little River Band, Peter Yarrow, Jackson Browne, Ben Harper, The Indigo Girls, David Crosby, Joel Rafael, Steve Poltz, and Lisa Sanders. He has engineered and produced for hundreds of artists including Jason Mraz, Rebecca Jade, Sara Petite, The Farmers, Veronica May, Gregory Page, Tolan Shaw, Tim Flannery, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Bob Wier.

As a producer and a seasoned musician himself, Jeff appreciates the heart behind the art. While mixing, he ensures the end result is not just showcasing the mixing itself but amplifying the musician’s creation. 

“I’m here to unearth their sound in an emotional and exciting way that’s pleasing to the ear and heart.” 

In his world, everything points to the mix, and with his technical expertise, he can glue everything together to turn a song into an all-encompassing experience.

Think of a mastering engineer as your final quality controller before your project is released to the world. Whereas mix engineers work with multiple tracks, mastering engineers primarily work with the overall sound using a single stereo track. It’s their job to ensure that your work sounds great on all streaming platforms and every possible playback system.

Robbie has worked with many artists and mastered over 20,000 songs, for acts such as Jason Mraz, Alan Parsons, Perry Ferrel, Switchfoot, Angels and Airwaves, Gregory Page, Greg Laswell, Molly Jensen, Bushwalla, Rebecca Jade, and Tom Brosseau.

Robbie has also been a part of many SMDA (San Diego Music Awards) winning projects, as well as a Latin Grammy Award-winning album.

With decades of experience in mastering and as a recording engineer, producer, and mix engineer, Robbie has a unique perspective on how the “final product” should sound. 

“Mastering is all about a fresh take – the fresh perspective in a new room with fresh ears. I’m looking at these songs from a thousand-foot perspective.”

Once your song makes it into Robbie’s mastering room, he can hear exactly what needs to be enhanced. 

“As soon as I bring anything into my mastering room, in 10 seconds, I can hear exactly where it needs to go and how to bring the project to the ‘finished’ point.”

Mixing and Mastering FAQ’s

For mixing, you will need to provide files of your fully recorded, pre-mixed tracks, with the BPM, key, and any inspiration tracks. For mastering, you simply need a stereo file of your fully-mixed tracks. We’ll tell you how to share these files when we discuss your project.

As the scope of projects can change depending on the complexity of your tracks, we are happy to give you a free custom quote. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch!

Our mixing sessions are unattended. If you would like to be present for mixing, that would require a separate session booking. Please get in touch with us for details.

Of course! You will have the opportunity the give multiple mix revisions throughout the process. However, if you want to make any changes to the recording, that will require an additional session.

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