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Our music production camps have become a big hit over the past six years. Their goal is inspire participants to realize their creative potential as they produce and record their own music under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.

The art of music production is more accessible than it’s ever been. With nothing more than a computer and an interest in production, anyone can create amazing original music! In our camps, students learn the tools of the trade and work together to create professionally produced pieces of original music. Check out the FAQ’s below for more information about the program, and feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you have.

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

+ Where will the camps be held?

Summer 2020 camps will be presented in an online format via Zoom with an optional 2 hour, in-studio, recording session included. Studio West is a leader in media technology and we’ve maintained our high standards of instructional excellence throughout the transition to online instruction. 11021 Via Frontera Suite A, San Diego, CA 92127.

+ Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are dedicated educators who are also working professionals in the fields of music production and media technology. Our instructors have a wealth of real-world experience and love to share their passion for music!

+ How do I register?

Sign up online above the FAQ’s and complete the intake questionnaire.

+ Do I need to play an instrument?

Participants with music performance experience will have plenty of opportunities to play and record, however instrumental experience is NOT required. There are many roles in the production process that are filled by non-instrumentalists and lots of creative electronic music production techniques that don’t require playing an instrument.

+ What’s the age range?

Middle School and High School students.

+ What genres of music do you cover?

Any and all musical styles and interests are welcome! Our instructors have a wide variety of musical tastes and this is reflected in our programs.

+ Do I get to be in a band?

Much of the production process for our online courses will be focused on collaborative songwriting and computer based music production in a group of 2 – 4 students. Students will also have an (optional) opportunity to visit the studio for an in-person recording session with thier group.

+ How many attendees are in each camp?

Our 2020 online summer courses are capped at 25 participants.

+ Can a student attend more than one session?

Students are welcome to attend more than one session. While some instructional material will be duplicated, the wide variety of subjects and experiences available in these programs will allow students to explore different aspects of the creative and technical production process in different sessions.

+ What topics are covered in the program?

Topics covered include:

  • Songwriting
  • Critical listening and analysis
  • Intro to arranging and music theory fundamentals
  • Production and pre-production techniques
  • Tools for remote collaboration
  • Digital audio workstations
  • Recording techniques
  • Editing, mixing, and mastering

Course time is split between lessons presented to the entire class and supervised breakout groups of 2 to 5 students who collaborate on the writing, production, and recording of their original music.

+ What does the schedule look like for the week?

  • Monday – Wednesday: 10am to 3pm instruction and supervised virtual collaboration.
  • Thursday: (optional) two hour in-person recording session at Studio West scheduled for each breakout group. Online guest presentation.
  • Friday: Mix/Master day – participants will virtually join a mixing sessions with our engineers to complete thier songs. There will be a final meeting to showcase participants’ productions.

+ Are there minimum system and equipment requirements for participation?

Due to the technical nature of our course offerings, we do require that participants have access to:

  • A Mac OS with Apple’s GarageBand software (other DAWs are welcome)
  • A reliable internet connection
  • The Zoom video conferencing app with a compatible camera and microphone
  • A Gmail address and account
    There are no requirements for additional music or audio equipment. Please reach out if there are any concerns, a Windows OS may be acceptable under certain circumstances but please verify with us.

+ Will students be able to participate using software that they already use?

Instruction is provided using Apple’s Logic Pro X and GarageBand software. These are common industry recognized programs for music production. However, if participants have previous experience using any of the countless other software tools out there, they are welcome to use those programs to accomplish their production goals.

+ How can participants collaborate without being able to meet in person?

Virtual collaboration is an increasingly important practice in real-world music production. Using current video-conferencing and file-sharing technology online collaboration is more intuitive and effective than ever.

+ Will there be an opportunity to visit Studio West during the production camp?

On Thursday, participants are offered the opportunity to participate in a two hour in-studio recording session with one of our amazing engineers.

+ How is Studio West ensuring the safety of participants during in-studio activities?

Studio West has established strict social distancing and sanitation protocols in compliance with state and county regulations. We are committed to the health and safety of everyone who visits the studio. For more information on our safety protocols please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.