QUARTER 1 (228 Hours)
DAW100: Digital Audio Workstations 100
CSS100: Computer Systems and Software
MHT100: Music History and Theory
ART100: Audio Recording Techniques 100
SWS101: Studio Workshop 101


QUARTER 2 (246 Hours)
BOM100: Business of Music
SCS100: Sequencing and MIDI Fundamentals
MIX100: Mixing 100
ART200P: Audio Recording Techniques for Post-Production
SNC100: Songwriting and Composition
PNA100: Production and Arranging
SWS102: Studio Workshop 102


QUARTER 3 (264 Hours)
ART200M: Audio Recording Techniques for Music Production
DIV100: Digital Video 100
MIX200: Mixing 200
DAW150: Digital Audio Workstations 150
SWS103: Studio Workshop 103


QUARTER 4 (204 Hours)
DAW200: Digital Audio Workstations 200
CPD100: Career Planning and Development
MAM200: Mastering and Advanced Mixing
LSR100: Live Sound Reinforcement
SWS104: Studio Workshop 104

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