Peter Dyson

A native of England, Peter earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Brunel University in London, and moved to Austin, Texas in 1991 when he married his wife, Amy.  In Austin, Peter worked for Motorola Semiconductor Group for thirteen years in Strategic Business Planning, Leadership Training and Human Resources.  While in Human Resources, Peter discovered the joy of helping people steer their career paths, which led him to take a position as Director of the Career Services Center at St. Edward’s University.  Under his leadership, St. Edward’s Career Center completely redesigned its approach to helping students navigate their way into the business world.  This approach is still being used there today.

As a drummer, Peter played and recorded with many bands both in England and Austin, often in his own home studio.  His love for music goes back to his boyhood days of singing in the church choir, and his musical taste is as diverse as the artists who have recorded at Studio West over the years.

Peter’s unique experience in the business, education and music fields all came together in October 2004, when he bought Studio West with the vision of adding a recording school.  As Director of The Recording Arts Center and Owner of Studio West, Peter oversees the daily operations of both the school and the studio, and enjoys using his diverse experience to assist both students and clients.