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Studio West offers one-on-one lessons tailored to a student’s specific interests in areas such as music theory and songwriting, production and engineering, and digital audio workstations including Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro. Our personalized instruction allows students to work at their pace and on their own schedule.  We can also create custom training packages for individuals and small groups.

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Andy Walsh has been with Studio West for over seven years, starting as an intern in high school and completing TRAC’s very first music production program at the top of his class. Since then he has worked as an instructor, establishing the summer high school workshop and after school program, and as an engineer, working with such notable clients as Steve Kerr, Above and Beyond, and Greg Leisz. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist and grew up playing music for musicals, cover bands, and original projects. He has produced, mixed, and engineered dozens of EP’s, singles, and albums for local San Diego artists, integrating vintage equipment and sounds with modern recording techniques and technology. From Schoenberg to Sia, Andy has a great appreciation for a host of musical forms, graduating from University of California, San Diego with a BA in Music Humanities.  

Key Topics of Study with Andy include:

Audio Engineering: Learn the workflow of professional recording sessions, covering areas such as signal flow, troubleshooting, acoustics, micing techniques, and gear essentials. 

Mixing: How much is too much compression? What’s a convolution reverb? Is in-the-box really the only modern option for mixing? Analyze mixes, discover techniques, develop good habits and practices, and get our mixes sounding better.

Software: What DAW is the right DAW for me? Including Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic alone, there are so many options out there; get into the nitty-gritty of this software and learn the features that fit into your creative process.

Home Studio Design: Quality recording equipment has never been so affordable or accessible, but not all gear is equal. Skip over dissatisfaction and get professional advice on what really counts in your own home studio.

Production: Better double track that…. Uncover cutting edge and decades old production techniques, from comping and tuning to effectively communicating with artists. There are virtually limitless approaches to production, get guidance developing your own unique style and start making a name for yourself.

Arrangement Music/Music Theory: Get the most out of a song, develop an emotional arc with the instruments you have at your disposal. Learn to master and manipulate the sonic spectrum with pitch and duration.