Music Production Summer Camps

Our summer camps have become a huge hit!  Students work together to produce and record their own music across many genres – hiphop, rock, pop, electronic, acoustic – all under the guidance of experienced industry professionals.  Summer of 2020 the camps are back again for their seventh year – reserve your spot before they fill up!

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

+ Where will the camps be held?

Camps will be held at Studio West located in Rancho Bernardo at: 11021 Via Frontera Suite A, San Diego, CA 92127.

+ Who are the instructors?

Our instructors have a wide range of industry experience in audio production and in creating music, and they love to share their love of music.

+ How do I register?

Sign up online right above the FAQ’s

+ Do I need to play an instrument?

We expect that many attendees will be able to play an instrument, and these students will get the chance to play in bands and ensembles that suit their experience and abilities, but instrumental experience is NOT required. There are plenty of roles in the production process that are filled by non-instrumentalists and lots of electronic music production techniques for non-musicians.

+ What’s the age range?

Middle School and High School students

+ What genres of music do you cover?

We all have diverse tastes in music, and this workshop reflects this diversity. Any and all musical tastes are welcome, including electronic music.

+ Do I get to be in a band?

We’ll be putting together bands made up of instrumentalists, so if you play an instrument, expect to get plenty of chances to play. Drums and amplifiers will be provided. Guitars and basses will be available, but if you have a guitar or bass you want to play, bring it along.

+ How many attendees are in each camp?

The maximum number for each camp is 12.

+ Can a student attend more than one session?

Although there might be a certain amount of duplicated information, students can attend more than one session. The range of subjects covered and experiences available to students is wide enough that different aspects of the creative and technical production process can be explored in different weeks.