MIX100: Mixing 100

46 Hours

In this class we look at both modern and traditional techniques used to blend audio signals together to produce the finished mix. Students will start to use signal processing to develop their initial own signature sound.

Emphasis is placed upon the importance of careful listening and the creative use of EQ, Compression and time based effect techniques to help students develop their own style. Students will work through real world examples and mix a song from start to finish as an individual project. 

Students also learn how to use software “plug-ins” for EQ, Compression, Reverb and Delay, which are are commonly used to help engineers manipulate their audio signals. These plug-ins are DSP modules that emulate traditional outboard effects processors. Students will learn how to install these plug-ins on their computer systems, as well as instantiate, modify, save, recall and duplicate audio processors within various audio workstation programs. McDSP and Sonnox plug-ins are featured during this class.