[Studio West LIVE, Friday, 4th August-7pm]


Studio West proudly presents one of San Diego’s finest songwriting duos, Story and Tune – performing LIVE in Studio A.

Ticket Price: $25 *Please note that tickets are non-refundable / there is no promo code for this event.

About Studio West Live

Studio West LIVE is a regular series of intimate, live, acoustic performances from unique, diverse, and engaging local artists. It’s curated talent in a truly unique setting.

We’ve been at the heart of the San Diego music community for over 50 years, and we love supporting local talent. This is a not-for-profit event – 100% of all profits go directly to the artists.


At the heart of Story & Tune is the real-life love story of two artists from different corners of the world, who found their way to each other via Instagram and in spite of considerable odds.

The result was a whole lot of joy. And a whole lot of songs.

Aussie singer-songwriter Ben Grace and Californian poet Karyn Thurston met for the first time weeks after they first said I love you, a blush-worthy whirlwind love story that landed them in a creative partnership writing a torrent of original songs.

Story & Tune is the marriage of her words and his melodies (though they’ve been known to switch roles from time to time.) Driven by folk-americana’s long history of lyrical storytelling, the harmony-driven duo’s songs are a unique blend of heartache, and laughter, all grounded in the unwavering belief that belonging is an essential human right.

Story & Tune are a blend of Woody Guthrie’s commitment to a better world with the rise and fall drama of a ballad by The Civil Wars. They’re the story you tell about an evening in Over the Rhine’s barn where too much whiskey leads to a flirty, irreverent guest appearance by Johnny & June.

Whether they are sharing unforgettable modern folk originals about ghosts, good boundaries, and hard goodbyes, or leading a bar sing-along of your favorite cover tunes, you won’t leave a Story & Tune show without feeling a little seen, a little celebrated, and a little more hopeful than you did before you came.

“Ben and Karyn have that indie folk je ne sais swoooooon that makes everyone in the audience feel like they are members of the band. They don’t just write songs and perform them; they invite you into a beautifully safe and connected space where you can rest your bones, ease your mind, and heal your heart. That’s the power of Story & Tune.” – Lindsay White

“Precious few shows are fun for both me and my 16 year-old daughter, but we had a blast together at Story and Tune. Karyn and Ben have such an infectious enthusiasm that you can’t help being drawn in.” – Robert Nickel

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Studio West Live - FAQ’s

Studio West Live is presented in the legendary Studio A.

Our address is:

Studio West, 11021 Via Frontera, Suite A, San Diego, CA, 92127.

Your event ticket guarantees you a seat. Seating is restricted to a maximum of 45 people. An open seating format will be in operation.

Ticket holders over 21 years of age (with valid ID) are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages, provided they are consumed in plastic cups. Please drink responsibly.