Industry Certifications

Avid Certifications in Pro Tools, Media Composer & VENUE

As an Avid Learning Partner, Studio West offers the following Avid certifications.  Prices include course materials and the Avid certification exam administered at the end of the training.  Call us at 858.592.0556 with any questions about our certifications.

Pro Tools User Certification


This course provides an overview of Avid’s Pro Tools software, which is used by the vast majority of the recording industry. It includes a review of the entire Pro Tools software interface and basic Pro Tools operational principles. It provides everything a student needs to complete a Pro Tools project, from initial set up of the program to final mix-down.


Pro Tools 110 provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system and covers the key skills needed to run larger sessions. Students explore Elastic Audio, the Workspace Browser and signal routing, the use of FX, and mixing in greater detail. This course, along with PT101, provides the foundation students need to pass the Pro Tools User Certification exam.

The next user certification course series begins January 17th, 2022

All classes are from 6 – 9 p.m.

Week 1: Monday – Thursday, January 17th – 20th

Week 2: Monday – Thursday, January 24th – 27th

Week 3: Monday – Thursday, January 31st – February 3rd

Week 4: Monday – Thursday, February  7th – 10th

Week 5: Tuesday – Friday, February 15th – 18th


Pro Tools Operator Certification


This Pro Tools HD-centric class covers the core skills needed to configure and run a Pro Tools HD System in a professional studio environment. Topics include building up and connecting the various components of an HD system, syncing the system to external clock sources, and exploring the software features in Pro Tools that are only available with the inclusion of Pro Tools HD and HDX hardware.

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In Pro Tools 210M, students focus on recording, editing and mixing music. Emphasis is placed on speed and efficiency by using shortcuts and key commands. The various record modes of Pro Tools are covered along with advanced MIDI composition, advanced use of virtual instruments, arrangement and production techniques, advanced synchronization, and advanced automation.

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VENUE User Certification


Designed for live sound students with limited experience using the VENUE system, this hands-on class focuses on essential skills needed to operate the VENUE system in a live sound environment. It covers system operation using the VENUE control surface and D-Show software. This is the first step toward VENUE Operator certification.

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Targeted at advanced students and professional live sound engineers, VENUE 210 focuses on the advanced skills needed to operate an expanded VENUE system in a professional live sound environment. Students will get comprehensive, hands-on training on a VENUE Profile control surface in this class.

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Media Composer User Certification


Media Composer 101 provides an overview of Avid’s Media Composer software which is used by the vast majority of the film and video industry. It includes an in-depth overview of the entire Media Composer interface. It introduces students to editing video in a digital environment where they will practice with TV and film clips, gaining skills in using the Media Composer interface to perform standard editing functions.

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Building on Media Composer 101 and focusing on the fundamentals of creating effects in Media Composer, this class provides a foundation in Media Composer audio and video effects and capabilities and prepares students for Avid’s User Level Certification in Media Composer. Students learn about the basic effects-building interface, and delve into fundamental compositing, tracking, stabilization, retiming methods, and basic color-grading techniques.

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