Electronic Audio Engineering Package

An Introduction to Audio Engineering: Electronic Emphasis

Whether it’s top 40 pop, hip-hop, EDM, or the soundtrack to a film, electronic production and engineering is at the center of the modern music industry. The 42-hour Electronic Production Package features courses in Abelton Live as well as Logic Pro X and is designed to help producers developed practical and efficient workflows when composing, recording, and mixing inside a digital audio workstation. With a part time schedule, the program is ideal for individuals that work full time and/or are looking to take the next step into the electronic music industry.

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Music theory for electronic production (3 hours)

In any industry clear communication is essential. This to-the-point class defines the vernacular artists, engineers, and producers use when talking about music, and explains the fundamentals of constructing rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Introduction to Logic Pro X (9 hours)

Used by composers and producers across the globe, Logic Pro X is perhaps the industries most effective DAW when working with MIDI and software instruments. This course digs into the tools provided by this powerful software, offering useful workflow tips and a close look at some of the under-the-hood features of this program.

Introduction to Sound Synthesis (3 hours)

Synthesizers are the backbone of electronic music, but often difficult to understand or use effectively beyond clicking through presets. The point of this class is enable synth users to build the sounds they hear in their head without any guess work, and explain the elements of subtractive synthesis.

Electronic Music Recording Techniques (6 hours)

Signal flow, gain structure, and microphone techniques are just a few of the topics covered in this course that focuses on vocal recording. Broken into two parts, day one will focus on technical theory and protocols for recording a voice, while day two will be a hands on vocal recording session in one of our world class studios.  

Introduction to Ableton Live (6 hours)

The DAW of choice for sample based production, Ableton Live is a flexible and efficient software that can warp, distort, and completely reimagine an existing audio recording. This course will explain the ins and outs outs of using this unique program and explore a variety of workflow options and features that make Live the go to option for so many artists and producers.

Electronic Music production Techniques (3 hours)

Building risers, editing and tuning vocals, creating soundscapes, all tasks carried out by the modern electronic producer. Adding these extra flares is what can take a song from sounding like a sterile laptop production to a unique and modern hit. This course will analyze popular productions and demonstrate how to take your own productions to the next level.

Business of Electronic Music Production (3 hours)

While the joy of creation can be payoff in itself, this class looks at how you can turn a hobby or passion into a viable business. By exploring different niches in the music industry, and examining different strategies of generating an income, the goal of this class is to enable a starting producer to sustain their art.

Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music (9 hours)

So many producers will see their songs through from conception to completion, and with technology today little more than a laptop and an interface are needed for this. This course will focus on in-the-box mixing and mastering, explaining the core concepts of balancing levels, equalization, and compression. It will also cover loudness standards and optimizing your tracks for streaming services.