Digital Production Fundamentals

An introduction to digital music production…


The Digital Production Fundamentals course helps aspiring music creatives from all genres turn their ideas into songs.  This course provides an extensive overview of industry standard practices in digital music production.  Software, equipment, beats, effects, techniques, genres and music theory are examined.  An emphasis is placed on popular digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, alongside modern virtual instruments, vocal production, mixing and music business.  Another important feature of this course is the six hours of home recording techniques.  These classes provide aspiring music producers and songwriters the ability to properly record themselves from home and increase the quality of their music.  Take the first step towards music production as a career and contact our highly-trained admissions department today.  Get your music heard!

Course objectives: Provide an extensive overview of industry-standard practices in digital music production, cross-examining genres, software, equipment, and techniques.

Outcome goals: Confidence in the terminology and process of making a digital-based production/recording. Familiarity with the tools of the trade, common practices, and workflows. Learn to listen.

Course Breakdown


Music Theory for Producers (3-hours)

Essential knowledge for building beats and composing basic chord progressions and melodies

DAW I (6-hours)

Understand the basics of MIDI, piano roll, audio, and system setup for Logic Pro and Ableton Live

Virtual Instruments and Synths (3-hours)

Examine software and hardware synthesizers, explore and understand sampling, and learn the basics of oscillators, filters, and envelopes

DAW II (6-hours)

Build beats and basic arrangements using in-the-box tools, understand recording and editing essentials

Home Recording (6-hours)

Recommendations for home studio set-up, review of microphones, vocal recording techniques, and record a guest artist

Production Review (3-hours)

Deconstruct and analyze a professional’s production, ask questions and explore their personal process

Vocal Production (3-hours)

An overview of common tuning techniques, processing, and FXs

DAW III (3-hours)

Prepare projects for collaboration, review routing and exporting audio

Mixing (6-hours)

Understand the principles of level balance, equalization, compression, and FXs processing

Music Business (3-hours)

Review strategies for getting your productions heard and compensated for