Training Facilities

Multi-Workstation Training Rooms


Featuring small class sizes and state-of-the-art workstations, our training rooms are designed to enable instructors and students to seamlessly move between lecture and hands-on exercises.

Each individual Mac workstation is a fully-outfitted audio and video production rig featuring:

  • Industry-leading software (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Adobe Premiere)

  • Studio-quality plug-ins from our industry partners (McDSP, Izotope, UA, Celemony, and more)

  • MIDI keyboard

  • Direct access to our extensive library of high-quality media for hands-on exercises

“I love your facility … you are a great bunch of talented people! My training at The Recording Arts Center was an eye opening experience. I’m now working at Sony in Sound Design, and even though I use Pro Tools every week of my life I would someday like to take more Pro Tools classes from you—I know there are still things it can do that I do not know about!”
—Jeff Darby