Cedrick Courtois

Cedrick earned an Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering at ESRA Institute in France and has since followed his passion for all things sound, working as a tracking and mix engineer as well as a post production sound designer and mixer.

After coming to LA in 2007 to play guitar on the third Earshot album, he decided to further his journey in the US, and packed his bags and moved to Hollywood, where he joined the engineering team of the soundtrack for the rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera.

From there, Cedrick worked as a music editor on an independent film called Montana Amazon: The Adventures of the Dunderheads, while also working as the mix engineer for multiple instructional music videos featuring members from Korn, Slipknot, Godsmack and Alice In Chains.

You can also hear Cedrick’s sound design work on many major commercials, including those for Red Bull, Formula One, Monster Energy, Formula One, and Polaris RZR, as well as multiple features such as The Windsurfing Movie IITracing Skylines and Real Ski by Poor Boyz Productions.

In addition to teaching at The Recording Arts Center, Cedrick freelances out of his own studio, The Castle.