Careers In Music Production & Engineering

Music Recording Studio

Studio Management/Staff– Interact with clients and schedule clients with the right facilities and engineer. Run the day-to-day operations and communicate with engineers what the needs of the clients are. Prioritize maintenance and software upkeep. Bring in clients and advertise studio to possible clients. Help create and manage a budget and make sure the studio is up-to-date with needs of the clients.

Recording /Mixing Engineer– Record a variety of different music genres and scenarios – anywhere from large orchestras to rock bands or vocalists. Edit large sessions and blend all the tracks together with the ability to mix a commercially viable song, EP or album.

Mastering Engineer– Get all mixed songs up to proper commercial levels. Maintain sonic consistency across all songs in a project. Enhance the mixed tracks. Embed all metadata into the audio files.

Archivist and Restoration– Transfer older audio tracks (such as analog tape and vinyl) to a modern digital format. Clean up unwanted noise such as tape hiss, hum and buzz, distortion, digital noise, and scratches on vinyl.

Repair and Facility Maintenance Tech– Maintain and repair all gear in the studio(s). Maintain software updates and computers.

Post-Production Facility

ADR Engineer– Re-record dialog that may be missing or too noisy due to ambient noise on sets of Movies/TV Shows/ and commercials. Record voice actors for animated movies.

Re-Recording Mixer– Mix recorded dialogue, sound effects, and music to create a final version of a Movie/ TV sound track.

Dialog Editor– Edit all the recorded takes of the dialog together. Take out any background noise or unwanted noise and make sure the dialog levels are consistent in each scene of a Movie/ TV show.

Archivist– Make sure all final mixes and audio are stored and labeled properly for long-term storage. Make sure all hard drives are labeled and properly functioning. Keep all sound libraries up-to-date and ensure all metadata is properly labeled to easily search data bases for various sound effects.

Video Game Audio Engineer– Record, mix, and place all audio within video games.

Sound Designer and Foley Artist– Record sound effects for movement and action within a scene of a TV/ Movie. Acquire, manipulate and generate audio elements for the TV Show/ Movie.

Forensic Audio– De-construct and clean up audio for legal cases.

Live Sound

Front-of-House (FOH) Engineer– Mix live concerts for the audience.

Monitor Engineer– Create independent mixes for each artist on stage for a live performance.

Repair Tech / Backline – Maintain gear used in live events. Build custom speakers, cables and racks.

System Designer– Design a custom audio/ lighting system for each tour catered to the client.

Tech for Corporate A/V–  Set up and run audio/ video/ and lighting for corporate events such as conventions.

Installation Tech– Install permanent audio and video systems in venues, offices, churches, high end homes and businesses.

Software/ Hardware Manufacturers

Sales– Interact and sell products to retailers and individual customers.

Customer and Technical Support– Handle trouble shooting and training of software/ hardware for customers and sales reps (over the phone and/or in person).

Industry Outreach and Training– Keep users and clients up-to-date on all product lines. Organize and execute various training sessions. Setup and organize conventions and other industry events.

Repair Tech– Repair any gear returned to the company damaged.

Duplication/Replication Plant Engineer– Upkeep and run all duplication and replication software and hardware.

Vinyl Cutting Engineer– Master audio to specs of vinyl and cut the initial mold for the record.


Music Technology Educator– Teach students different disciplines in the audio and music industry.

Video Editor– Edit video together and ensure the final video looks commercially acceptable. Make seamless scene transitions. Correct or enhance color.  Incorporate any other visuals (such as wording or animation) into video.

Corporate Marketing Communications Support– Work in the marketing side of a company to help design media (audio/video/ web based) to support various products.