[Saturday, 1st April - 7pm]


Studio West Album Release Parties give local artists who have recorded at Studio West or Satellite the opportunity to showcase their work in an intimate setting.

Join us on Saturday, 1st April (7 pm) in Studio A, as Cheyenne Benton debuts her new album – Beautiful Chaos.

Cover: $15

A truly unique setting

It’s not every day you get to see artists up close and personal in a world-class commercial recording studio. We’re excited to open our doors to support local artists and help give their audience a unique and authentic experience.

Community focused

We’ve been at the heart of the San Diego music community for over 50 years, and we love supporting local talent. This is a not-for-profit event for Studio West – 100% of all profits go directly to the artists.


Brimming with bubblegum angst, Cheyenne Benton breathes lyrical fire into the world of atmospheric indie pop.

With sincere, defiant lyrics, Benton released her debut EP in December 2017. Her single “My Heart” was nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2018 International Songwriting Competition. In 2022, she won Best Sound & Music for the Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival for her engineering work on Natalie Giannosa’s short film, ‘Funny.’ Her single “Drinkin’ About U” has been nominated for Best R&B, Funk or Soul Song at the 2023 San Diego Music Awards.

Fierce, yet hauntingly celestial, Cheyenne Benton brings a lush, sweet-girl-gone-sinister flair to the indie pop scene, more sure of herself than ever. And she won’t apologize.


Your worst nightmares have materialized. You hit the ground, hard. You might be asking yourself… Where do I go from here? Which way do I turn? Who can I rely on?

Beautiful Chaos is a coming-of-age conceptual record; the story of a young woman’s journey into early adulthood, the pitfalls and the paranormal. Influenced sonically by hyperpop, 90’s country and indie rock – Benton explores what it means to be a twenty-something in America navigating heartbreak, existentialism, companionship, mental illness, substance abuse, femininity, and self-destruction. At times gracelessly raw and unabashedly unapologetic, Benton finds her voice and her independence through the trials, tribulations and turmoil – breaking free from the societal expectations holding her hostage as she defines what it means to be a woman on her own terms. Beautiful Chaos is about the alchemy that takes place when we transform our most dreadful disasters into magnificent mosaics. Perhaps beauty can be found in the most peculiar of places… among the wreckage.

Studio West Album ReleaSE PARTIES- FAQ’s

Studio West Album Release Parties are presented in our legendary Studio A.

Our address is:

Studio West, 11021 Via Frontera, Suite A, San Diego, CA, 92127.

Your event ticket guarantees you a seat. Seating is restricted to a maximum of 45 people. An open seating format will be in operation.

We have vending machines for food and drink, and kitchen facilities for food and drink storage.

Ticket holders over 21 years of age (with valid ID) are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages, provided they are consumed in plastic cups. Please drink responsibly.