After-School Music Production Program

After-School Program for Musical Minds

Our after school workshops help students develop their skills in 3 key areas:

– Composition: Collaborative songwriting in multiple genres

– Performance: Playing instruments in a studio setting as students record the songs they have written

– Production: Understanding the technical aspects of recording music, including software and hardware

After School Format for 2018-2019

We will be putting together groups of students with similar interests and skill levels for once-a-week, 90-minute sessions of instruction and group project work. Some students may already have a clear idea of who they want to collaborate with, but we’ll also create groups that we believe will be able to work together effectively. Groups can be as small as two or three students and as large as six students, and each group will have the goal of finishing three to five songs over the course of a semester. 

Open House for 2018-19

In order to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have, we will be hosting an open house on Wednesday, September 5th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday, September 8th form 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. This will be a chance for us to gauge students’ interests, experience, and availability so that we can place you in appropriate and cohesive groups. We will have instruments set up in our live room and Spotify/Soundcloud open in our control room; please bring your instrument and don’t be afraid to show off a little! 

Please R.S.V.P. with Andy at

Session Times

Saturdays 10:00pm-11:30pm
Saturdays 11:30am-1:00am
Saturdays 1:00am-2:30pm


Workshops will start the week of September 10th and continue throughout the school year, with breaks during school vacations. Groups will meet in different classroom or studio spaces within Studio West, depending upon the state of their projects and the availability of studio space. Admission is rolling, and students can join any time with pro-rated pricing.


Monthly cost: $200 per student. 

One on one tutoring also available during other time slots at $65 per hour.


Email us at or call at 858.592.9497 for more information.