Admissions & Tuition


The best way to understand if our program is right for you is with a personal interview, by phone or— better yet— in person with a tour of our facility. We’ll discuss your experience, interests and aspirations and figure out if what we offer is right for you. We don’t do a hard sell. This career path isn’t right for everyone, and an interview helps you determine if it’s right for you. Students who decide to enroll will be asked to complete a simple application form. Proof of High School diploma or GED is required for acceptance. Call 858.592.0556 to hear more about our program or to schedule a tour. 

Tuition & Fees

Tuition, books and fees : $6,875 per quarter

Total: $27,500

Tuition Funding Options

The Recording Arts Center at Studio West offers several flexible plans for paying tuition. An Enrollment Deposit (30% of total tuition) is enough to secure a space in an upcoming program. If a student is able to cover the balance of the tuition over the course of the program, we simply add an administrative fee of $150 and split the balance into 3 equal payments. If a student needs longer to pay off the balance, The Recording Arts Center offers monthly payment plans for up to 60 months to qualified applicants through our partners at TFC Tuition Financing. 

Because The Recording Arts Center is a private school and not a university, federal scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid such as FAFSA are not accepted. The Recording Arts Center has made a conscious choice not to seek accreditation because it allows us to keep our tuition costs down and keep our curriculum current and relevant in a rapidly changing industry.

Discounts and Incentives

Pre Pay Discounts

  • If payment is made in full 60 business days prior to a start, students are entitled to a $500 discount.

  • If payment is made in full 90 business days prior to a start, students are entitled to a $750 discount.

In the event that a student pre pays tuition, but leaves the program before graduating they are protected by our pro rata refund policy. See the course catalog for more details. 

Discounts From Other Classes:

If a student takes short term classes offered through Studio West (such as the Intro to Audio Engineering Package) and then decides to enroll in the 12 month program, 90% of any tuition they have paid gets credited toward reducing the cost of the program.

About TFC:
TFC Tuition Financing has served over 2,500 schools and over 500,000 students since 1970. They are firm believers in helping the education sector grow, working with schools of all sizes – from multinational education corporations to small individual schools with a single campus.

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