San Diego: The Arrival

Four years ago, musician Mike Wojniak—who was then based in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio— played at San Diego’s Soda Bar during a tour. It was a great show. “One of my favorite shows of the tour,” Mike says. Mike had previously been to San Diego on vacation and had already fell in love with the city, so when he got a job offer in San Diego soon afterwards, he jumped on it. “I packed up my van and moved across the country,” he says.

Mike Wojniak with his guitar on a bridge.

Mike Wojniak looking toward the sunset.

Mike met Studio West owner Peter Dyson through the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild, when Peter was judging a songwriting contest, and he soon started using the studio services for some projects. “I first worked with Brian Keim, doing a live performance with a cellist and violist, which Brian filmed,” Mike says. “I also worked with a couple of Studio West audio engineering students—they practiced on me.”

“Rockies Feet” filmed in Studio A

Mike recently came to the studio to film a video of his new song, “Rockies Feet,” for the album he’s releasing soon, Ad Astra (which means “to the stars” in Latin). The inspiration for the song came during a stop in Colorado on a tour—in the town of Lyons, not far from Boulder. “I climbed up the mountain that morning, came back to the cabin at the foothills and wrote down what I was experiencing,” says Mike.

“Rockies Feet” has Mike’s signature sound—beautifully crafted, intricate harmonies and evocative lyrics, all driven by his fine acoustic guitar playing.

“Studio West is an incredible facility,” says Mike. “Beautiful, top notch equipment. Everyone there that I’ve worked with has been extremely professional and great to work with. Brian Keim has been awesome. Peter’s always been extremely accommodating and helpful. It’s a great place to shoot video because the space really allows you to stretch out. We set up some lights that were really far away, just to get to blur them in the background, in a smaller studio you wouldn’t be able to have that distance. It’s an awesome place.”

Catch Mike’s Ad Astra cd release show at the Soda Bar on March 16.

Mike Wojniak walking down a Colorado roadside.