At the end of April, Vee Meadows got a call from the video social network, asking him to create a music video to help kick off a challenge benefitting children’s charities. Vee had recently won two contests for Indi, including one to perform at a San Diego Charger’s event, and Indi liked his style. Vee immediately said yes, but needed to choose a charity out of the 2000 on the list.

Just two days before, a conversation with co-workers—fellow bus drivers at MTS in San Diego—had touched his heart. Both had autistic children, and their stories stuck with him. That recent experience prompted Vee to choose the Autism Society of America.

With that decision made, he had only two weeks to create his video. He met with his producer, Roadeezy, to start working out a beat—one not too hard nor too soft. While Roadeezy worked on the details, Vee put out a call on Facebook to see if anyone would be willing to share their stories about autism, and he got eight responses, all from fellow bus drivers. Their stories had him in tears. “I was thinking how I may have misinterpreted some kids’ behaviors on the bus,” says Vee. “I just thought they weren’t very disciplined at home—I just wasn’t aware.” 

By the time he was finished interviewing, Vee only had a week left, and he moved fast, recording the song at Studio West with engineer Alec Moore and filming the video. It took him only five days to write a song, record it, create a video, and upload it on The photos and videos of the children on the video are from the families of the bus drivers he interviewed.

Help Vee win—and the Autism Society of America receive $50,000—by viewing and sharing his video.