In 1916, San Diego doctor Harry Wegeforth left his office and heard the roar of a lion that was still in town after the Panama California Exposition. Dr. Wegeforth turned to his brother and said, “Wouldn’t it be splendid if San Diego had a zoo! You know…I think I’ll start one.” And with that inauspicious beginning, San Diego’s famous zoo got its start.

This Saturday, May 14th, San Diego Zoo is kicking off its centennial year with a live show at Spreckels Organ Pavillion at 6pm. In preparation for this show, Studio West recorded ten children’s favorite zoo memories.

“It was quite a packed recording session,” says Studio West audio engineer Alec Moore. “We had ten kids, their parents, several producers and Studio West staff. It was a fun project—the entire production staff from Mark Joseph Creative was great to work with and all the kids turned out to be quite talented voice-over artists.”

The one client we weren’t expecting? The Golden Retriever puppy, brought by one of the parents. Alec says, “I wasn’t about to be the evil engineer who kicked out the puppy in front of a room full of children, so the puppy stayed. After getting loved up by everyone in the room, he napped under a producer’s chair until the end of the session.”