To see Jack Dorsee perform, you would think he’s been at it for decades.  Behind the microphone he has a presence and charisma similar to legendary crooners Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.  And his expressive voice is able to span an impressive range – from big-band blowouts to tender ballads.

But sit down and chat with Jack for a few minutes and you’ll be fascinated by his story.  See, at 82 years young, Jack is a relative newcomer to singing and performing.  He only started seriously singing 7 years ago, when his wife Karolyn surprised him with the gift of vocal lessons for his 75th birthday.  Since then, Jack has recorded 5 albums, performed for audiences large and small, and even auditioned for “America’s Got Talent.”

Jack will be the first to admit that his musical journey required hard work and a lot of tenacity.  Along the way, he’s enlisted the help of some talented vocal coaches and producers, including Eve Selis and Mattie Mills, who helped produce his latest album – appropriately titled “82.” In this feature video, Jack shares his story and performs on-camera from Studio West, where much of the work for “82” was completed.