New band Gus McArthur recently released their first studio EP, Chapter 1: Hysterics, recorded at Studio West with audio engineer and The Recording Arts Center graduate Daniel Bourget.

The band is a collaborative effort of two brothers, Honan and Gordon McArthur. Honan “The Destroyer” picked up a guitar when he was sixteen and never put it down. His composition of intricate solos, classical infusion, melodic metal riffs and thrash metal define the sound of every Gus McArthur song.  Gordon “The Hater” is the 25-year-old front man with a background in underground Hip Hop, who leads Gus McArthur with spoken word influenced vocals and lyrics. They’re joined by drummer Johnson Zhang, “The Z.” Originally from China, The Z holds his own and then some as the heartbeat of Gus McArthur. The result is a truly original EP that’s fast, hard hitting, and lyrical all at the same time.

Why the name Gus McArthur?  And presumably Gus is the guy in the mask in the band photo? The band says:

Gus first appeared in ancient times and has been seen over the centuries in many forms always taking the name of Gus McArthur. Rumored to be Welsh, Scottish, and even Roman he has always appeared in times of war and upheaval standing in the shadows, not quite visible, but always watching. In the last century Gus was present in the trenches during WWI, seen flying planes in the Battle of Britain during WWII, with rumors of Gus sightings even today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So a sort of Celtic mystical Kilroy Was Here? 

The band recorded in Studio A in late April of this year. “Walking into studio A for the first time kind of blows your mind, especially if you’re accustomed to home recording,” says Gordon. “This EP was one hell of a task to complete, but the team at Studio West was guiding us the entire way. Four songs in all with almost 30 minutes of material in less than 2 weeks front to back is daunting to anyone. 

The technical metal aspect to each song and performance definitely made things difficult, but our engineer and now friend Daniel Bourget really pushed us to get it right and do it efficiently. The experience is absolutely one we won’t forget and an amazing learning opportunity for us as band. We are now confident we have a much better understanding of not only our process and timing, but the studio as well. 

We’ll be returning to Studio West next month to begin recording Chapter 2 from the Book of Gus, I can tell you it will definitely be much different than the first. Studio West as well as their team are some of the best and most professional in the industry, as far as we are concerned we struck gold in San Diego and don’t have to go back to L.A. for anything.”