In late 2009, Nashville Recording Artist and TV Host Alyssa Jacey recorded her first full-length album, “Here’s To Change,” at Studio West.  You could say she’s been a little busy since then, as she’s performed thousands of shows, toured internationally, hosted three TV shows, and started an artist development business called “imagetwelve28.”  

Despite the hectic schedule, Alyssa found time recently to visit family and friends in her hometown of San Diego.  Oh yeah—and also headline 15 shows at top venues such as LeStat’s. And do radio and TV interviews, including 91X’s popular “Loud Speaker” with Tim Pyles.  Somehow she still squeezed in a trip to Studio West, where our own Brian Keim caught up with her and produced a short feature video.  Here’s what Brian had to say about the experience.
“When you meet someone with star power, you know it right away— they change the atmosphere the moment they walk in a room.  That perfectly describes Alyssa Jacey.  I met Alyssa a couple weeks ago and had a chance to interview her about her career, which began in San Diego. By the end of the interview I was grinning ear-to-ear.  Later at an intimate acoustic set, I saw her transform a cozy boutique store into a mesmerizing concert venue. She even had the stoic Segway-scooting security guard singing along.
Alyssa doesn’t shy away from her humble roots.  Not many artists would admit to getting their start singing karaoke at the urging of friends.  It’s that same humility that makes Alyssa’s music so appealing. She doesn’t hide her deeply personal stories beneath confusing metaphors and musical tangents.  She lays it all out on the table and makes us feel like we were all part of the journey.
When I was building this feature video, I pulled together some old photos from Alyssa’s original recording sessions six years ago. As I was putting those images to Alyssa’s music it felt as if I were there. I could imagine an emerging artist overcoming the nerves of being in a recording studio for the first time and the excitement of finally having the right environment to truly define “her sound.” You could sense from the pictures that something special was in the works, a combination of talent, passion, and genuine collaboration that gives rise to great music.
As I chatted with Alyssa – who says she’s so comfortable at our studio, it “feels like I never left” – it made me proud to be part of Studio West. And in a larger sense, proud to call San Diego home.  It’s not the biggest music market in the U.S., but it’s a tight-knit community that supports its own.  And like Alyssa, musicians who got their start in San Diego seem to stay connected to their roots and give back to our community.
If you’re already an Alyssa fan, I hope this video makes you appreciate her even more. If you’re not a fan, you may become one soon. I know I have!”
-Brian Keim, Studio West