In June, we wrote a blog about our client Vee Meadows, who wrote a song and created a video for a nation-wide contest benefitting children’s charities. Despite steep competition from dozens of musicians and celebrities like Marie Osmond and Tony Hawk, Vee got over 850,000 votes and won the contest! 

The win also garnered $50,000 for his charity of choice, the Autism Society of America, who of course have hailed Vee as the fundraising hero he is. They honored him at a gala on October 22nd, and have invited him to perform at their national conference. “The win has been great for my career,” Vee says. “I’m getting a lot of calls and bookings.”

Because the song was written from the perspective of a parent of a child with autism, most people assumed that Vee has an autistic child. He doesn’t—he wrote the song after being inspired by some coworkers’ stories. “It was confusing for people, so I kept pointing them to the Studio West blog, since it did a great job of explaining how the song came about. You guys were the first ones to interview me. That was a great thing, and I’ll always remember it.”